The importance of Vitamin D cannot be over emphasized

The importance of Vitamin D cannot be over emphasized.  This vitamin is Important with a capital ‘I’.  The best source is via sunlight and we have created a special page just to emphasize the importance of sunlight and the effect it has on the human body – see our Sunlight page.

We have added a link to the Science Daily Vitamin D index so you can browse the articles – it gives you an idea of just how widespread the actions of Vitamin D are.

Bottom-line:  Make sure you get enough sunlight.


Read the latest research on the importance of vitamin D for health, symptoms of vitamin D deficiency, suggested dosages and more.


Vitamins and Calcium – Intensive Dietary Management

Should you take calcium or other supplements?  Read this article and you might decide that its not such a good idea.

One of the more common questions is whether I recommend any supplements. I recommend very few of them. For longer fasts, I recommend a general multivitamin, although there is scant evidence that it is beneficial.