Is now the time for a Game Change?

I have been asked to comment on the Netflix ‘documentary’ “Game Changers” – see their website.

I have not seen the movie yet, and despite knowing it is vegan propaganda, I will watch it, just so that I can sensibly answer any specific questions on the content. If you seek specific answers now, I suggest you watch Dr Shawn Baker’s very methodical review of the doco to get insight into the validity of the arguments presented.

Without reference to this film, I want to address what I believe is going on in the food industry.

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Natural selection for vegetarianism

I saw a comment a few days ago, that I thought would sound plausible to many people, so I will take a moment to give you my thoughts.

The author of the comment argued that humans have become largely vegetarians because we have adapted to a modern plant diet in the 10,000 years+ since farming was invented. Maybe the person is right, though I question it because of the following reasons: Continue reading