20 percent of your body fat could be industrial lubricant

Some interesting things about fat that should interest you:

  • Modern ‘vegetable’ oils are basically detoxified industrial lubricants made by chemical reactions in refineries.
  • If like many people, you eat a diet high in packaged, junk or take-away foods, then your own body fat could be 20% omega-6 polyunsaturated vegetable oil (PUF) instead of just a few of percent.
  • The recommended daily intake of omega-3 PUF for an adult is less than 2g.
  • The body best uses omega-3 when balanced with omega-6 – so you should have less than 2g omega-6.
  • The average takeaway consumer eat around 100g of PUF per day – mostly omega-6 – yes that is 50 times what you need/want.
  • PUF can take 4-5 years to cycle out of body fat in a weight stable individual.
  • PUF is preferentially consumed by the body when losing weight – crash dieting can liberate harmful levels of omega-6 PUF.
  • Omega-6 PUF promote inflammation  – so what?  Heart disease, liver and other organ damage, stroke, arthritis, cancer.
  • Omega-6 levels in breast milk reflects the mothers diet.  If a mother is eating a lot of PUF, then she is feeding proportional amounts of PUF to her baby.

Should this be in your diet?