Is now the time for a Game Change?

I have been asked to comment on the Netflix ‘documentary’ “Game Changers” – see their website.

I have not seen the movie yet, and despite knowing it is vegan propaganda, I will watch it, just so that I can sensibly answer any specific questions on the content. If you seek specific answers now, I suggest you watch Dr Shawn Baker’s very methodical review of the doco to get insight into the validity of the arguments presented.

Without reference to this film, I want to address what I believe is going on in the food industry.

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Protein: The most dangerous Thing In the World?

If you want to consider an alternative view, have a look at this video put out in support of veganism.  It is full of “science” that supports the view of why protein is bad for you, in fact, “The most dangerous Thing In the World“.

If you still believe that cholesterol causes heart-disease then you might buy into the message.  If still you believe that “associated with” is actually science, then you might buy into the message.

I think that the video is a great example of why it is so hard to get a consistent message out due to how “science” is manipulated to support a cause.  However, you might watch it and decide that you want to live a vegan lifestyle.

Our obsession with protein kills more people than anything else. This video explains why this is true and what you can do about it. Esselstyn TED talk: https…