Lovely Marbling – Yum!!

Many of us love a nice steak and will pay a lot of money for a well-marbled piece of meat. At the extreme end of marbling we have Wagyu 7+ which you need to mortgage your house to buy.

While we might admire the meat for its eating quality, what does this marbling say about the health of the animal? Well, the news is all bad I am afraid to say. Continue reading

Gut bacteria at work in Ruminants

In the human diet, most carbohydrates (carbs) are consumed in the form of sugars and starches; and are immediately converted to simple sugars in the digestive system. Yes, your bread is mostly sugar.

Ruminants (cattle, goats, sheep) are specially adapted to live off ‘cellulose’ which is a type of carb that we humans cannot absorb. Cellulose is a complex carb that provides the structure of plants and we make paper and cardboard from some plant sources. In our diet, we often refer to it as ‘fibre’. Continue reading