Belly fat is DANGEROUS and my arse is a biofuel reactor

I constantly see articles published by seemly intelligent people telling me that having belly-fat is really dangerous and that I need to exercise to get rid of it. Hopefully, by now, you will have understood enough of the science to know how really stupid this statement is. It has as much validity as claiming my arse is a biofuel reactor.

This could be the end of the article but for those readers that have yet to dive into the science, let me explain …

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Who wins from a balanced diet?

Are you looking after your health and eating a “balanced diet”? How can you be sure that your diet is balanced?

The Australian Dietary Guidelines recommend the number of ‘standard serves’ we should consume from the five core food groups each day, for a nutritious and balanced diet

Nutrition Australia

Personally, I think that “balanced diet” is an absurd term used to manipulate you towards certain desired behaviours.

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So much BS so little time

Like many of you, I frequently get this sort of article in my news feeds. Hopefully by now, many of you can recognise it for what it is – the same old dogma that keeps people in line.

Just as you have to Marie Kondo your house to really keep it clean you have to jump on board a ‘movement’ if you want a seriously sculpted physique.


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Critical Thinking – Think before acting

I was thinking about the argument that lean muscle mass in older age determines life-expectancy. This is a widely embraced view and is driving behaviour. It has almost achieved the status of dogma.

The belief comes from studies that show that the more lean muscle mass that an older person has, the longer they are expected to live. So, lean muscle mass is associated with a longer life. Is this all there is to the story? Well, not in my opinion, otherwise I would not be writing this ….

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Miasma: When science is not science

Miasma: (

  • “an unpleasant or unhealthy smell or vapour.”
  • “an oppressive or unpleasant atmosphere which surrounds or emanates from something.”

Given that “science” is a word that really doesn’t have an opposite, we have decided to use the word “miasma” to mean “un-science” or the opposite of science .   Back before the origins of disease were discovered, people believed that foul smelling air (named miasma) caused disease. You can read more at Wikipedia.

It seems appropriate to us, as so much of what we believe we know is rooted in “un-science” or miasma, yet it overpowers the truth because it appeals to our emotions or fits in with everything that we believe that we “know”.

You can be sure that anything that we tag or describe as “miasma” is not aligned with real scientific facts, despite any attempts to make it appear so.

Protein: The most dangerous Thing In the World?

If you want to consider an alternative view, have a look at this video put out in support of veganism.  It is full of “science” that supports the view of why protein is bad for you, in fact, “The most dangerous Thing In the World“.

If you still believe that cholesterol causes heart-disease then you might buy into the message.  If still you believe that “associated with” is actually science, then you might buy into the message.

I think that the video is a great example of why it is so hard to get a consistent message out due to how “science” is manipulated to support a cause.  However, you might watch it and decide that you want to live a vegan lifestyle.

Our obsession with protein kills more people than anything else. This video explains why this is true and what you can do about it. Esselstyn TED talk: https…