Leverage protein for weight loss

You want to lose weight but you know it is hard to do; and even harder to maintain any weight loss – you know this from personal experience. 

Dr Ted Naiman discusses the Protein vs Energy balance in his excellent presentation.  It would be in your interest (if you want to lose weight) to watch this presentation before reading further.

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Lose weight by not trying – free trial

We all know people that are overweight, sick and have just given up doing anything about it.  They have tried lots of diets and have eventually regained all the weight they worked so hard to lose and often even more.  No wonder they have given up.

What if these people have been given bad advice and were actually tackling the wrong problem?  Everyone tells them that they have a weight problem and they need to solve that problem by just losing weight.  However, what if excess weight is not the real problem and is just a symptom of something else?  What if you could address the root cause of weight gain rather than the excess weight itself?  You could then have a lasting solution.

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Tame your hunger and lose weight

You have heard it a thousand times, so it must be true – “snack often to avoid hunger” and “eat 6 – 8 small meals a day to avoid hunger“.   This is put forward by the “reduce calories and move more” proponents, and with no evidence that it actually helps.  Well, we know that it doesn’t work along with the whole  “reduce calories and move more”  advice as we have been saying it for decades while obesity rates have been steadily rising. Continue reading