Should you be scared of Glyphosate?

There is a lot of concern about glyphosate recently with some landmark court cases in the USA where some people have been award hundreds of millions of dollars in damages for cancer that supposedly resulted from exposure.

What is glyphosate?

Glyphosate is a chemical weed killer that is used in huge quantities by agriculture. It is generally applied by spraying – either by tractor or aeroplane. It is a systemic chemical that is absorbed by the plant and then interferes with the plants’ ability to use energy.

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Mitochondrial Wellness (updated)

Poor mitochondrial function is at the heart of the many of degenerative diseases. I also recently posted a note on the role of damaged mitochondria in inducing cancer. Poor mitochondrial function is also closely linked to aging. So, if you accept even a part of this information, then you would agree that keeping your mitochondria healthy is very important. Continue reading