Are you browning on the inside?

When sugars react with proteins they can turn brown – which is why frying meat turns it brown.  The proteins in the meat react with the stored sugars in the cells and nicely browned meat is the result.  This processes of ‘browning’ proteins (or more correctly, amino acids) is called ‘glycation’ and the resultant products are called ‘Advanced Glycation End-products’ or AGEs. Continue reading

mTOR, Protein and Fasting

The New Year has come and gone and everyone spent some time thinking about losing weight, healthy eating and whether to bother with a New Year’s resolution. Well, in case you are still working on your resolution (maybe for next year) then here is something to think about. While the picture at the top might scare you away, the message is worthy of your time as I hope it adds to your understanding of how your body repairs itself and why eating (or not eating) plays such a large part. Continue reading