Open Letter to the Government of Australia

A Healthy Future for our Children


The aim of this document is to assist readers to make informed decisions about national health and nutrition policy and guide them to achieve positive physical and mental health outcomes for Australians.

The information presented here is based on good science and logic and not dogma and hidden agendas. Much of the information on health and nutrition that has influenced the government to date has not been based on science and goes against critical logical thinking. It just doesn’t make sense when all evidence is reviewed.

The author requests that the reader consider how much progress the current approaches have made to curb the ever-increasing rates of obesity and related chronic diseases.  Clearly, the time for doing “more of the same” has passed and new thinking is required.  Thankfully, there are now signs that acceptance of the standard approach of more exercise together with calorie control is being questioned by more and more professionals. 

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Some success in WA

Back in Sep’18 we provided a submission to WA parliament.  Yesterday we received a copy of their report and we must say that we are surprised that they have taken onboard the advice that a low-carb diet can be effective. 

There are recommendations that we don’t agree with but we are pleased to see some huge steps taken in the right direction.

You can read the report here: EHSC Report 6 The Food Fix FINAL



Letter to WA Health Minister Cook

During the process of providing my submission to the WA government inquiry, I came across their interim report of their recent “Sustainable Health Review”.

It prompted me to write to the minister and share my thoughts.  I am not really hopeful that he will even see it but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Healthcare costs in WA