What’s Worse-Carbs or Seed Oils? Understanding a High-PUFA Diet

I have been reading some of Tucker Goodrich’s analysis of the role of seed oils in modern diseases and I believe that he presents a compelling case. I provide a link to his title article on this subject below.

My simple takeaway from reading many of the papers is that (a) excess carbs is bad, (b) excess Linoleic Acid (from seed oils) is bad, but (c) together they are much worse and probably toxic, particularly when a person loses blood glucose regulation.

Tucker Goodrich: http://yelling-stop.blogspot.com/2018/06/whats-worsecarbs-or-seed-oils.html

Tucker has also written an older article “Omega-6 fatty acids: the alternative hypothesis for diseases of civilization” that ties a lot of evidence together in an easier to consume format and with less jargon. It is well worth reading.


We have good evidence that consumption of excessive carbohydrates leads to insulin resistance, hyperinsulinemia, T2D and related diseases.

We have Robert Lustig showing that the carbohydrate, sugar, by itself is bad.

We have Tucker and others showing how seed oils are particularly bad for our health.

If you add those two/three ingredients together, you get modern processed food.

While neither a high carb diet nor seed oil consumption is good, they seem to work particularly well together to accelerate your decline into early death.

You don’t need me to tell you what to do.

Sidestep breast cancer by simple avoidance of Substance A (updated)

If you haven’t guessed already, I do try to find interesting data that may convince a reader that maybe its time to change their lifestyle.  Today, I was reading articles on cancer trials and came across an interesting seven-year Chinese trial that comprised nearly 75,000 women to assess how a number of factors affect their likelihood of developing breast cancer.

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If a cow farts in the woods

When someone says that we need to stop eating red meat to save the planet from climate change – consider the following information:

  • Current natural emissions: 210 Giga-Tonne (GT) PA
  • Man-made emissions: 6.3 GT PA
  • Total CO2 equivalent emission = 216 GT PA
  • Human emissions are thus approx 3% of total emissions
  • Animal agriculture accounts for approx 2.5% of total human emissions. That’s 2.5% of that 3% of total CO2 emissions.
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The problem with trusting your doctor

Why do so many people just not get the message?  The answer is in this powerful lecture by Dr Ken Berry – Lies My Doctor Told Me.

An entertaining and thought provoking lecture.

Dr. Ken Berry is a practicing board-certified physician, an Amazon Best Selling author, and a passionate advocate of health on his YouTube channel where he h…


Welcome and Overview


Ronsaysso is a site dedicated to providing information about how your diet affects your physical and mental health.  It draws on the latest real science and tries to present it in a way that is accessible to most people.

Getting to the bottom of why we, as a generation, are so obese and so unwell has all the hallmarks of a conspiracy theory.  In order to understand the problem and what you can do to help yourself, you must be able to put aside almost everything that you have heard and then open your mind to allow new information to enter – to be digested – to be mulled over  – and be considered.

Look around you.  The majority of people are now chronically ill and/or grossly overweight.  Do you think that is normal?  Modern dogma will tell you that we are all slothful beings without will-power – but we are the same as generations before us that didn’t have all these chronic diseases and weren’t grossly overweight.  Something has changed.  If we understand what has changed then just maybe we can do something about it.

The good news is that achieving good health and losing weight is not very hard and just requires some lifestyle adjustments.

Don’t waste your time. If you cannot live without your sweets then turn away now. If you cannot see past instant gratification then leave now. If you have a closed mind then don’t bother reading further. This website is not for you as we won’t bother trying to change your mind.

This website is not aimed at convincing you. It is just about providing information that allows you to reevaluate the current dogma and maybe, just maybe, come to a different opinion about nutrition and health.

If you are willing to take in information and listen to sensible logic then read on. If your health and the health of your loved ones is important to you then read on. If you are prepared to adjust your lifestyle to achieve good health, then read on. This website is for you.

This website comprises the following main sections that are all accessible through the menu system (above):

  • A How To section that provides summary pages of the how, what and why of nutrition that will quickly get you onto the right path for a healthy and long life.
  • A Resources section that provides links to videos, websites and pages that you can use to start your own exploration of the issues.
  • A Blog section that we use to highlight an issue, present interesting news or just express an opinion.

A good place to start a journey of understanding would be with the resources on our Videos page.  It would be useful to watch the videos of Gary Taubes, Sally Fallon and Nina Teicholz to give you an understanding of how we got where we are now.  You can then appreciate that maybe not everything that you have been told about nutrition is accurate; and that may prime you to accept alternative views.

A good next step would be to start at the top of the Videos and watch the first four videos at your own pace.

If you are really hungry for the answer then click here – though be prepared to feel dissatisfied for not having spent years coming to the same conclusion.

Whilst it may sound like snake-oil, following our recommended approach may fix many health problems that you have and greatly reduce those that you might get:

  • Insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome,
  • Diabetes (T2, T3)
  • Heart disease, stroke
  • Kidney disease, kidney stones
  • Pancreas diseases
  • Liver disease, fatty liver, gall stones
  • Auto-immune disease, arthritis, and other immune system diseases
  • Vascular damage
  • Lifestyle cancers
  • Brain degeneration – dementia, Alzheimer’s
  • Brain fog, mental health

How can this be so?  Well, its because we don’t address the problem by just tackling the symptoms.  Our approach uses nutrition to tackle the underlying metabolic causes of these conditions.

There is no more powerful way to regain physical and mental health than through eating real foods. If a drug produced the same benefits then you would not be able to afford to buy it.

Why so much information about Type-2 Diabetes?

Many of the resources that we link to seem to have a strong focus on Type-2 diabetes (T2D).  Why should you care about T2D, especially if you don’t have it?  Well, it will all become clear in time… however, it is important to realise that T2D is really just one of the ways that the underlying metabolic condition of chronically elevated Insulin levels manifests itself.  Addressing the high Insulin levels that underpin T2D also addresses many other manifestations of the same problem.

Why should I believe what you say?

The whole purpose of this website is to provide information.  What you choose to do with this information is up to you.  You can believe or not believe – that is your choice.  In fact, we prefer that you remain sceptical and spend time to verify the information that we present here.

This website is entirely self-funded and was primarily set up to assist our family and friends with getting access to the information.  It has helped many of them to radically change their lives for the better.   We have nothing to lose or gain whether you believe us or not.

Ultimately, as adults, we make choices that change the course of our lives.  The information presented here gives you the ability to make an informed choice using information that has not been tainted by commercial or other pressures.  You can choose to live a healthy long life, just as you can choose to live a shorter life that is full of suffering.  The choices you make now will greatly affect the quality of your life in latter years.

We hope that you find something here that helps you make a choice that you are happy to live with.

Take responsibility

Unfortunately, if you rely on headlines to inform your behaviour, you could end up anywhere or everywhere.  You have to go beyond and behind the headlines to see which information stands up to scrutiny.   It really is a personal responsibility to do this.  It is up to you to make decisions about your life.

Take personal responsibility – take it personally and make your wellness your mission.

It may well be technically correct to blame the government or doctors’ advice for your illness or imminent death but it doesn’t change the situation – you will still be sick or dying and blaming someone else won’t change that.

We do hope that you, your family and your friends adopt a diet and lifestyle that includes the key ingredients of what we highlight here. We are truly disheartened at the number of people around us that have serious health issues that are so easily preventable. Nearly everyone around us is touched by cancer or diabetes related illnesses and death. Very few of the older people have a good quality of life. Please don’t end up like them.

Please note that the authors are not medical professionals and that you should seek medical advice for any medical conditions that you have.  The trick is to find a real doctor that will address the underlying root-cause of your conditions, rather than treat the symptoms (with drugs).  The authors believe that many medical conditions have been caused by diet and should be treated by diet.

Open Letter to the Government of Australia

A Healthy Future for our Children


The aim of this document is to assist readers to make informed decisions about national health and nutrition policy and guide them to achieve positive physical and mental health outcomes for Australians.

The information presented here is based on good science and logic and not dogma and hidden agendas. Much of the information on health and nutrition that has influenced the government to date has not been based on science and goes against critical logical thinking. It just doesn’t make sense when all evidence is reviewed.

The author requests that the reader consider how much progress the current approaches have made to curb the ever-increasing rates of obesity and related chronic diseases.  Clearly, the time for doing “more of the same” has passed and new thinking is required.  Thankfully, there are now signs that acceptance of the standard approach of more exercise together with calorie control is being questioned by more and more professionals. 

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Red Meat = Cancer = Science?

Inuit family circa 1929

The InterWeb has seen lots of activity over a couple of high-profile dietary statements:

  1. The EAT-Lancet diet promoting plant based eating, and
  2. The 2015 World Health Organisation statement that links red meat consumption with an increased risk of cancer.

As I have been asked for my view on this, I will share a few thoughts.

If you subscribed to the guidance of these high-profile statements on diet and nutrition, you would turn away from meat and towards a plant based diet.  No-one could blame you as these are ‘experts’ and ‘scientists’ telling you the TRUTH.

What you wont see is that neither of these statements are based on what is healthy for you – rather they are the result of other agendas where health is secondary. Continue reading

20 percent of your body fat could be industrial lubricant

Some interesting things about fat that should interest you:

  • Modern ‘vegetable’ oils are basically detoxified industrial lubricants made by chemical reactions in refineries.
  • If like many people, you eat a diet high in packaged, junk or take-away foods, then your own body fat could be 20% omega-6 polyunsaturated vegetable oil (PUF) instead of just a few of percent.
  • The recommended daily intake of omega-3 PUF for an adult is less than 2g.
  • The body best uses omega-3 when balanced with omega-6 – so you should have less than 2g omega-6.
  • The average takeaway consumer eat around 100g of PUF per day – mostly omega-6 – yes that is 50 times what you need/want.
  • PUF can take 4-5 years to cycle out of body fat in a weight stable individual.
  • PUF is preferentially consumed by the body when losing weight – crash dieting can liberate harmful levels of omega-6 PUF.
  • Omega-6 PUF promote inflammation  – so what?  Heart disease, liver and other organ damage, stroke, arthritis, cancer.
  • Omega-6 levels in breast milk reflects the mothers diet.  If a mother is eating a lot of PUF, then she is feeding proportional amounts of PUF to her baby.

Should this be in your diet?

Linoleic acid reduction in recommended diet

We have updated our food guidance to further reduce the amount of Linoleic Acid (LA) consumed through the recommended diet.

What is LA?  LA is a omega-6 polyunsaturated fat (PUF) predominately from grains/seeds such as soybean.  LA is normally low in traditional diets and high in modern manufactured foods.  It is also high in animals fed a diet of grains through intensive farming. Continue reading