Simple Summary

This page provides a very simple summary of what we recommend people do to improve their health and prolong their life.  Other pages provide significantly more detail.

The current advice on health and nutrition is fundamentally wrong and not based on scientific evidence.

  • The majority of modern ‘foods’ are causing chronic illnesses such as diabetes, dementia and many cancers because the body is not genetically capable of consuming them for extended periods of time.
  • Additionally, many modern ‘foods’ damage the function of the immune system leading to people getting sick more often, getting sicker than they otherwise should,  or even dying because their body could not fight off a simple bug.
  • Eating constantly interferes with the body’s ability to repair itself, resulting in unrepaired damage accumulating and premature aging.
  • An irrational fear of sunlight means that many people have insufficient Vitamin D for normal cell functions.


Do these four things to regain your health and stay healthy:

  1. Totally eliminate ALL polyunsaturated vegetable (seed) oils from your diet.
  2. Do not eat any sweet or starchy foods.
  3. Get some sunlight on your skin every day.
  4. Include some moderate activity in every day.
This basically means to eat meat and vegetables and go out for a walk in the sun.  Yes, it is that simple.
If you want further optimise your health then eat no more than twice a day, with breakfast towards the middle of the day.