Do false beliefs make you sick?

If you read this article, it is likely that you have health and/or weight problems and are now actively trying to come to grips with the specific problems that you have.

I bet that you didn’t intend to be saddled with your health/weight problems. In your early adult life, you did not plan out the steps you would take to damage your health and then methodically follow that plan. You got to where you are now because of the circumstances of your life and your surroundings. These circumstances manipulated your choices such that you ended up reading this obscure website to try to find answers.

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Feed your T3D brain

There is unequivocal evidence that a disturbed glucose metabolism underpins all stages of metabolically induced dementia. In ALL cases of metabolically induced dementia, the brain becomes insulin resistant and cannot take up sufficient glucose to support normal activities. This results in impaired brain-function and brain-shrinkage.

Many in the scientific community are now calling this metabolically-induced dementia “Type 3 Diabetes” and I call it T3D.

Most people will tell you that there is nothing that can be done – although many sufferers are given false hope by the promise of magical pharmaceutical drugs. However, they don’t work on you – they work for the drug company’s bottom line.

What can you do?

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Leverage protein for weight loss

You want to lose weight but you know it is hard to do; and even harder to maintain any weight loss – you know this from personal experience. 

Dr Ted Naiman discusses the Protein vs Energy balance in his excellent presentation.  It would be in your interest (if you want to lose weight) to watch this presentation before reading further.

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Belly fat is DANGEROUS and my arse is a biofuel reactor

I constantly see articles published by seemly intelligent people telling me that having belly-fat is really dangerous and that I need to exercise to get rid of it. Hopefully, by now, you will have understood enough of the science to know how really stupid this statement is. It has as much validity as claiming my arse is a biofuel reactor.

This could be the end of the article but for those readers that have yet to dive into the science, let me explain …

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Is now the time for a Game Change?

I have been asked to comment on the Netflix ‘documentary’ “Game Changers” – see their website.

I have not seen the movie yet, and despite knowing it is vegan propaganda, I will watch it, just so that I can sensibly answer any specific questions on the content. If you seek specific answers now, I suggest you watch Dr Shawn Baker’s very methodical review of the doco to get insight into the validity of the arguments presented.

Without reference to this film, I want to address what I believe is going on in the food industry.

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Stop weighting for weight loss

Ok, I admit that it is probably not the best time (just before Christmas) to talk about weight loss, but I thought I would get ahead of the weight gain that might happen in the coming month.

So, I want to tell you about the wrong ways to lose weight and why they are wrong.

  1. Exercise profusely and relentlessly.
  2. Maybe join a gym or actually start using your existing gym membership.
  3. Cut down your food intake to maybe half.
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Take-away food as Medicine

Most people have chronic health conditions and are constantly on the hunt for something to take that will improve their health. They don’t want to feel constantly unwell. “There must be something I can take for this!”

  • Should I take anti-oxidants to reduce my signs of aging?
  • Should I take statins to reduce my cholesterol?
  • Should I take take black-seed oil to improve my liver function?
  • Should I buy this vibrating thingy to improve my circulation?
  • Should I consume more seafood to get more omega-3?

The simple truth is that the best way to fix nearly every health problem is “Take-away Food.”

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Why are we so sick?

  • We are obsessed with killing bacteria.
  • We can’t eat food that has touched the floor.
  • Simple colds and flu’s are killing us.
  • We are allergic to everything.
  • We can’t drink water unless it stinks like chlorine.

Looking at us and how fragile our health is, you would wonder how we ever survived without soap, antiseptic, pharmaceutical drugs and refrigeration. The “survival of the fittest” would have had us killed off hundreds of generations ago.

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