Why are we so sick?

  • We are obsessed with killing bacteria.
  • We can’t eat food that has touched the floor.
  • Simple colds and flu’s are killing us.
  • We are allergic to everything.
  • We can’t drink water unless it stinks like chlorine.

Looking at us and how fragile our health is, you would wonder how we ever survived without soap, antiseptic, pharmaceutical drugs and refrigeration. The “survival of the fittest” would have had us killed off hundreds of generations ago.

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Who wins from a balanced diet?

Are you looking after your health and eating a “balanced diet”? How can you be sure that your diet is balanced?

The Australian Dietary Guidelines recommend the number of ‘standard serves’ we should consume from the five core food groups each day, for a nutritious and balanced diet

Nutrition Australia

Personally, I think that “balanced diet” is an absurd term used to manipulate you towards certain desired behaviours.

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So much BS so little time

Like many of you, I frequently get this sort of article in my news feeds. Hopefully by now, many of you can recognise it for what it is – the same old dogma that keeps people in line.

Just as you have to Marie Kondo your house to really keep it clean you have to jump on board a ‘movement’ if you want a seriously sculpted physique.


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Genes linked to anorexia nervosa identified

A major international study involving numerous Australians identifies eight genes associated with an increased risk of developing eating disorder anorexia nervosa.


Is this a good thing?

Firstly, don’t get me wrong, I think that people suffering with eating disorders are really suffering and should be helped. That said …

There is a lot to be said in support of building your brain out of good materials and then maintaining and fuelling it correctly. This is by far the most effective means of preventing and correcting the underlying brain function that causes these disorders. Treat the cause – not the symptoms.

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Critical Thinking – Think before acting

I was thinking about the argument that lean muscle mass in older age determines life-expectancy. This is a widely embraced view and is driving behaviour. It has almost achieved the status of dogma.

The belief comes from studies that show that the more lean muscle mass that an older person has, the longer they are expected to live. So, lean muscle mass is associated with a longer life. Is this all there is to the story? Well, not in my opinion, otherwise I would not be writing this ….

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Should you be scared of Glyphosate?

There is a lot of concern about glyphosate recently with some landmark court cases in the USA where some people have been award hundreds of millions of dollars in damages for cancer that supposedly resulted from exposure.

What is glyphosate?

Glyphosate is a chemical weed killer that is used in huge quantities by agriculture. It is generally applied by spraying – either by tractor or aeroplane. It is a systemic chemical that is absorbed by the plant and then interferes with the plants’ ability to use energy.

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Anxious, Depressed then think diet

What is wrong with your brain if you suffer from chronic depression or anxiety? Do you think it is something ephemeral like your “id” is broken? Do you think it is just a part of being you? What if your symptoms result from inflammation of your brain?

Depression / Anxiety: Does Your Diet Matter? 2 Doctors Discuss
Is it possible that your diet may be leading to increasing depression and/or anxiety in your life?

Queensland is doing ok, thanks

Today I received a response on behalf of the Queensland Health Minister to my letter regarding the health of Queenslanders. While the response was tepid and not supportive of the objective, at least they did read the information and look and the work in WA. I will reach out to the Federal Health Minister once the election dust settles.

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Incretins and you

Incretins are a group of hormones that are released by your GI tract that have a major influence on the digestion of a meal.

Why should you care? Well, just by changing how you eat, you can significantly influence your Insulin response.

Watch and listen to this great talk by Dr Michael Eades to better understand how Incretins affect your life and what you can do about it.


Dr Michael Eades is always worth listening to – seek out his other presentations.