Ronsaysso is a site dedicated to providing information about how your diet affects your physical and mental health.  It draws on the latest real science and tries to present it in a way that is accessible to most people.

Ronsaysso originally started as a Facebook page targeted at friends and family.  Facebook is very limiting in how you can deliver information so this site has been created to make the information more accessible.  Many articles have been copied from the original Facebook page.

Please note that the authors are not medical professionals and that you should seek medical advice for any medical conditions that you have.  The trick is to find a real doctor that will address the underlying root-cause of your conditions, rather than treat the symptoms (with drugs).  The authors believe that many medical conditions have been caused by diet.

About the Authors

Ron Bareis, BE (Hons) RMIT, is a retired Professional Engineer.  Ron spent nearly 14 years in the military undertaking diverse tasks such as Test & Evaluation of military aircraft and Software Engineering.  Ron spent a further 6 years in government working in the Intelligence Community before holding various engineering roles in the private sector for further 10 years.  Before retiring, Ron, as a General Manager within Telstra, developed and led a cyber operations team and a secure communication operations team.

During his career, Ron was always noted for his ability to solve complex problems and to get things done.  Ron does not like to sit by and wait for the solution.

Ron lost both of his parents to diet-related degenerative diseases and witnessed first-hand the terrible suffering involved for the patient and for family and friends.

Ron has researched health and nutrition for 15 years and has developed a good understanding of the science, though he is not a scientist, nor a doctor.

Ron currently resides near Bundaberg, Queensland – one of the most socially disadvantaged towns in Queensland.  Bundaberg also sits near the top of the list for the most Obese town in Australia.


The authors acknowledges that the contents of this website have been built on the hard work and dedication of many medical and scientific professionals, some of which are listed as resources on this website.


The authors maintain a Facebook page Ron Says So that promotes a low-carbohydrate lifestyle to their friends and family.

The authors do not receive any financial or other support for providing the information on this website.  The website is wholly funded by the authors and  there is no intention to seek advertising revenue.

Ron is personally motivated to see changes in public policy that will improve the life of the members of his community.   He hopes to influence those that he can reach out to – to help them live longer and healthier lives. He has no other motivations, funding or incentives.