Survive the death of healthcare

It is debatable whether the health care system will survive the next five years, or the next ten years. It is clearly heading for disaster as we have a chronically sick, aging population that demand high-cost medical intervention for lifestyle induced conditions. The time will come shortly when the government and insurers say “no more”.

Affordable health care depend on having a large base of healthy people that support the few unhealthy people that need support. The cost of supporting the few sick people is spread across a large number of tax payers or fund members and thus the cost is diluted. The health care costs spiral out of control when there are more sick people than healthy contributors. We are near that tipping point now.

What will that mean? It means that governments and health insurers will have no choice but to limit access to health care. How it will be limited is still to be seen, but limit it they must, as healthcare dollars are not infinite. I have seen discussions from America where they may limit healthcare for “lifestyle related diseases” such as diabetes and some cancers.

What can you do? Do what our families are doing – limit your dependance on healthcare by adopting a healthy lifestyle. Not the crap that is espoused by the government and lobby groups, but by measures that have been scientifically proven to prevent most lifestyle related diseases. These measures include:

  1. Avoid all seed oils (or vegetable oils) as they promote cancer and underpin most modern diseases, particularly heart-disease and stroke.
  2. Avoid sugar and refined starches as they promote Insulin Resistance which, together with seed oils, cause nearly all modern diseases.
  3. Avoid the vegetarian and vegan propoganda and consume ethically and naturally raised animal products.

Read more about diet here:

Just look around you. Look at the health of your peers. Everyone is sick or getting sick. This is the result of fifty years of eating processed junk food that is comprised of only two major ingredients (a) seed oils, and (b) starches and sugars. Yes, exactly the right ingredients to make you chronically ill. Why? Because processed food is cheap to produce and it makes them money – they make a 45% margin on processed food. They do not care about long-term health costs.

I watched a young family at the supermarket checkout this week who filled their trolley to the brim – they needed to, they have two young boys to support. However, I did not see one item that was what I would consider food. Everything was a combination of seed oils, sugar and carbs. Unfortunately, this is what is normal in Bundaberg Queensland. People buy these food-like items because they are cheap, sweet and addictive.

I strongly advise you not to depend on a functional health care system to support you for many more years. You should take matters into your own hands and prevent the diseases. Buy real food and prepare it simply. You will reap the rewards.