Stop weighting for weight loss

Ok, I admit that it is probably not the best time (just before Christmas) to talk about weight loss, but I thought I would get ahead of the weight gain that might happen in the coming month.

So, I want to tell you about the wrong ways to lose weight and why they are wrong.

  1. Exercise profusely and relentlessly.
  2. Maybe join a gym or actually start using your existing gym membership.
  3. Cut down your food intake to maybe half.

That was your plan for after New Year – right? Well, at least you are motivated and that is the most important part. This approach is what almost everybody espouses yet we know it does not work. It may allow you to lose some weight (or even a lot if you are really motivated) but it will fail eventually because:

  1. It is really hard and thus not something that most of us can keep it up forever.
  2. Hard exercise makes many of us very very hungry …
  3. Cutting down on food intake below what you need to maintain your body results in lowering your metabolic rate – making it harder to lose weight.
  4. Did I mention that it is really really hard?

It does keep personal trainers employed though – so it does have some benefit.

All the above reasons for failure are true – they will make it really hard to lose weight and keep it off using the traditional approach. However, these are not the real reasons that you won’t achieve a sustained weight loss. The real reason is that, just like reaching for a drug, you are ignoring the problem and tackling the symptoms.

If you do not attack the cause of weight-gain, you can never achieve sustained weight loss.

All your hard work in the new year will be for nothing.

So let me tell you that your weight is not the problem in itself. The problem is the metabolic conditions that cause the weight gain and work against weight loss. You need to attack the metabolic imbalance and then the weight can come off and stay off. And it doesn’t need to be hard work!

I am going to somewhat repeat what we have on our weight loss page. Please refer to it after you have read this article.

The real problem is Insulin Resistance which causes you to have chronically high Insulin levels and this condition prevents you from using your own body fat as a metabolic fuel. So, instead of burning it, you accumulate it. Hence you put on weight. Now you know more than most of the people on the planet.

If you try the normal approach without tackling the high Insulin levels then you are fighting against your own body. You need to first get Insulin levels down low, so that your body can start to burn the stored fat.

The technique simply requires a change in your diet to one that promotes low Insulin levels. You don’t even have to sweat a lot. Just get Insulin down. Have a look at our What To Eat page for details of foods that keep Insulin low.

There is no drug that can achieve this – stop waiting for one to appear on the shelves.

If you are extremely Insulin Resistance (or a Type 2 Diabetic) then you need to initially combine this with Fasting – which we cover on our Fasting page.

None of this means starving like on the traditional approach. You just need to switch your metabolism from burning glucose towards burning fat – you need to become ‘fat adapted’. You will then lose weight and you will keep it off because the cause of weight gain has been ‘treated’.

Merry Christmas everybody, and mind what you eat 😉