Leverage protein for weight loss

You want to lose weight but you know it is hard to do; and even harder to maintain any weight loss – you know this from personal experience. 

Dr Ted Naiman discusses the Protein vs Energy balance in his excellent presentation.  It would be in your interest (if you want to lose weight) to watch this presentation before reading further.

Our modern diet is, for most people, a high-fat, high-carbohydrate diet. Simple maths will tell you that it therefore must also be a low-protein diet. Such a high-energy / low-protein diet will drive you to become overweight.

If you remove carbohydrates from your diet, then you get a doubly positive effect on weight loss:

a. Because you have now increased the concentration of protein in your diet, you will reach satiety much sooner. Or put it another way, you need to eat much less to stop feeling hungry.

b. Because the fat/carb combination is removed, you will now allow your body to feel the satiety signal and not continue eating.

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