Is now the time for a Game Change?

I have been asked to comment on the Netflix ‘documentary’ “Game Changers” – see their website.

I have not seen the movie yet, and despite knowing it is vegan propaganda, I will watch it, just so that I can sensibly answer any specific questions on the content. If you seek specific answers now, I suggest you watch Dr Shawn Baker’s very methodical review of the doco to get insight into the validity of the arguments presented.

Without reference to this film, I want to address what I believe is going on in the food industry.

We are a bunch of smucks

The food industry exists to make money, and the more it makes – the better. These companies do not care about you. They do not care about your health. They do not care about your kids. They do not care about the environment. They do not care about the future of the planet. With very few exceptions, they do not care about anything except making money.

Why do we believe them? Why? Because we can be, and have been manipulated into believe them. Very methodically.

The plant-based food that ‘they’ want you to eat is food manufactured in a laboratory or produced in industrial factories. Research that I have seen shows that food companies make a 45% margin on these industrial foods.

So how do you sell industrial chemicals to consumers as food to eat?

  1. You make what we are currently eating look bad by misleading advertising and misleading ‘science’.
  2. You sponsor ‘scientific trials’ that are designed with an outcome in mind and you cherry-pick data to support your agenda.
  3. You pay for opinions by ‘respected’ celebrities.
  4. You spend big on glossy advertising propaganda espousing how your product is the only ethical choice if you cared about the planet and your children’s future.

You do this over months and years with the long-term goal in mind of growing your market. Consumers gradually swing to the new products because they start to believe the arguments – not because they have thought rationally about the facts – rather, because they have heard the same thing over and over again therefore it must be true. Everybody says so. Only a few irrational ‘deniers’ and quacks remain on the other side.

You just need to look at how we were sold on margarine as the healthy alternative to butter to see their game plan being repeated now.

Quick insight: If you ever see a movie being blanket-advertised – do not go to see it – it will be crap. The only way they can recoup their investment is to trick you into going by continually subjecting you to positive messages about the movie.

Anything good or worthwhile needs little encouragement.

We are being treated like smucks.

Eat Red Meat and DIE!

If you want people to switch to industrial not-foods, the opposition (meat) has to be demonised. Therefore, you present meaningless data that supports the argument that red meat consumption causes cancer, impotence and blindness.

Have a look at the way the saturated fat argument was presented. Most people have been 100% sold on saturated fat being the big thing to avoid eating because it will cause a heart attack and/or stroke.

To date, the true scientific consensus is that saturated fat is not bad for you and many studies show that it is really beneficial. But, now that I have convinced you that saturated fat is bad, it follows that you must switch to more plant-based fats because saturated fat intake comes from animals.

You need to eat more fibre

Eat more fibre – this is a tool to manipulate you into choosing plant-based foods because plant foods (can) contain a lot of fibre – especially the packet versions. Guess what? Animal foods don’t contain a lot of fibre – therefore they must be just plain bad for you. Make no mistake, this is a deliberate marketing ploy by the industry and vested interests to manipulate you.

If you actually look at the evidence, you will find that people do better on the lowest amount of fibre in their diet. You would not get that impression from watching TV advertising.

You need plants for vitamins and minerals

Again, the argument is that vitamins are mainly of plant origin and therefore you need plants. The poster-boy of this argument is vitamin C – one of the antioxidant vitamins. Fruit is high in vitamin C – so is this boxed cereal which we have supplemented with vitamin C.

We all know that meat doesn’t contain vitamin ‘c’ therefore we need to eat plants – or this cereal – or take these supplements.

Well, in reality, the opposite is true. Meat does contain vitamin C and every other vitamin that we need. Yes, it may not contain as much vitamin C as some plant sources, BUT it is the the correct form to be directly used by the body.

Why does the body need ‘antioxidents’ anyway? Try adding pure oxygen to a fire and you will have your answer, though you may be in a burns-ward. Oxygen is very damaging. Yes, we need it to power our respiration-based metabolism, but it must be carefully handled. If your metabolism produces lots of free oxygen (in the form of Reactive Oxygen Species – ROS) then it needs lots of anti-oxidents to control the damage that is being caused.

What foods promote high levels of ROS and thus drive a need for antioxidants? Yes – plant based foods high in starch and sugars. Eating animal products produces much fewer ROS and those are adequately handled by the body’s own internal antioxidant mechanisms.

The truth about vitamins and minerals is that you can get everything that you need to stay healthy if you only ate animal products. The converse is not true. If you refrained from all animal products you will die – you will not get the vitamins that you need – and you will die. The only way to survive on plant-based foods is through supplementation of vitamins (from animal sources).

But we have to save the PLANET!

It is true that we should look after the planet, but every argument about why you should switch to a plant-based diet is riddled with lies and deceit. In fact, the destruction of the planet is far more being driven by broad-acre mono-cropping than by animal husbandry.

If you really want to save the planet, stop buying all the stuff that you don’t need and that you will just throw out in a few months or a year’s time. Stop spending 15 hours a week travelling as the sole occupant of a car. Stop driving your kids to school. Stop the continued growth of the world population. Stop the economic incentives to rape the planet that leave our children to pay the cost. Do something that will actually make a difference.

But the science says …

No, the science doesn’t. In most cases its only a company’s, or some other vested interest’s, doctored view of the science that may say what you have heard. They rely on few people ever actually going back to check the real facts.

I can show you that someone eating only dirt for a week shows significant improvement in blood markers such as cholesterol and blood sugar control. Should you switch to a dirt diet?

Logic anyone?

Are we to believe that the food that we are genetically adapted to and that has sustained us for hundreds of thousands of years is actually bad for us? Should we ignore all the archaeological and isotope evidence that show that the healthiest ancient populations were the hunter-gathers and not the agricultural communities.

Are we to believe that this new stuff that we have manufactured in the lab over the last 100 years is the answer?

And the winner is …

The winner is whatever you choose it to be. It is your choice – but really consider how much you have been influenced into that choice.

Personally, I have looked at a lot of arguments on both sides on the debate and my unequivocal view is that you should strongly resist eating more plants and rather, should eat predominately animal foods. Our website has lots of resources so that you can make up your own mind.

If you do decide that the plant-based diet is for you, then I advise that you avoid getting your plants out of a packet and that you stick to saturated fats such as coconut oil and palm oil. That way you will probably not suffer as much.

Finishing with a political message

The real game-changer that we need is to have governments take back responsibility for science. The wholesale perversion of science by industry to push their own financial agendas is something that will have damaging effects for generations. Not holding my breath.

PS: I did not even touch on the role of religion, such as in this expose.