Belly fat is DANGEROUS and my arse is a biofuel reactor

I constantly see articles published by seemly intelligent people telling me that having belly-fat is really dangerous and that I need to exercise to get rid of it. Hopefully, by now, you will have understood enough of the science to know how really stupid this statement is. It has as much validity as claiming my arse is a biofuel reactor.

This could be the end of the article but for those readers that have yet to dive into the science, let me explain …

Belly fat is not dangerous. Ok, maybe if you get so much of it that it compresses your organs so that they stop functioning … then maybe … but highly unlikely! The reason that people say that belly fat is dangerous is because they are too ignorant to understand the difference between association and causation.

  • Association: Fire trucks are often seen near fires.
  • Causation: Hitting your thumb with a hammer causes pain and bruising.

An association is just that – it just a set of circumstances that may catch someone’s attention. Fire trucks generally don’t cause fires yet are very strongly associated with fires.

Belly fat is associated with many chronic conditions and diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer. This does not mean that belly fat causes these conditions. Nor does it means that exercising to lose the belly fat will then ensure that you don’t get these conditions. If you want to prevent these diseases, you need to treat the actually things that are causing them – and not the things that are associated with them.

It is not a good idea to get rid of fire trucks if you want to prevent fires.

Belly-fat (or visceral fat) is a description of fat that accumulates around the internal organs. It is not meant to be there – at least in a human with a healthy metabolism. Actually, if you have belly-fat, then you probably have fat in lots of other places that it is not supposed to be.

So why does fat accumulate where it is not supposed to be? Yes, “insulin resistance”. Insulin resistance is a condition whereby the body stops reacting normally to the hormone ‘insulin’. Simply – very simply – constantly eating or drinking sugar and starches causes the body to become insulin resistant over time. Insulin tells the body’s cells to take up ‘energy’ from the bloodstream. Insulin resistant cells basically ignore the insulin signals – generally because they are already full and cannot take any more.

If the cells that normally take up the ‘energy’ stop taking it out of the blood, the body ramps up insulin levels to try to force sugars and fats out of the blood in order to prevent a condition called ‘death’. Eventually, some cells that normally don’t store this ‘energy’ get overwhelmed by the high insulin levels and store the excess ‘energy’ as fat – and death is averted. That is how you get belly fat.

So, belly fat is a symptom of insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is caused by a diet high in sugars and starches – aka – a high carbohydrate diet. So to tackle the chronic problems of diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer, you need to treat the dietary cause. Doing anything else is stupid and futile.

What does modern dogma tell you to do? Eat lots of whole grains and exercise more. This advice is designed to make your condition worse. It is based on incompetence and ignorance.

Stop listening to it.

Instead, switch to a very low carb, ketogenic diet to keep insulin low and prevent insulin resistance. This supposes that you don’t want to suffer and die from the terrible chronic diseases of modern times. If you want to continue to eat bread, pizza, cake, potatoes, rice, pasta and ice-cream; then enjoy your belly fat and don’t be surprised when disease and death comes a knocking.