Why are we so sick?

  • We are obsessed with killing bacteria.
  • We can’t eat food that has touched the floor.
  • Simple colds and flu’s are killing us.
  • We are allergic to everything.
  • We can’t drink water unless it stinks like chlorine.

Looking at us and how fragile our health is, you would wonder how we ever survived without soap, antiseptic, pharmaceutical drugs and refrigeration. The “survival of the fittest” would have had us killed off hundreds of generations ago.

So why are we, we modern humans, so fragile? Why can’t we get within a metre of a bacteria without catching a disease? The answer is that we are not inherently fragile, rather, our lifestyle – mainly diet – disrupts our normal defence systems and leaves us vulnerable.

The key players in the disruption of our defences and our lack of resilience are:

  1. polyunsaturated oils – primarily those high in linoleic acid, and
  2. sugars and starches.

Linoleic acid is a strong immunosuppressant – it suppresses your body’s ability to defend itself against disease. In the early days of kidney transplantation, it was the primary immune suppressant ‘drug’ used – until it was identified that many transplant recipients were dying of cancer. Linoleic acid is in high concentrations in the cheap vegetable oils in the supermarket and in the oils used to cook your “fast food”.

Have a look at this article, for instance: [link]

Starches and sugars (which are basically crack-glucose) also strongly suppress the immune system. Have a read of this one, for example: [link]

What is the modern diet? Modern ‘food’ is glucose (in the form of sugars and starches) mixed with linoleic acid (from vegetable oils). I wonder why we get sick so easily – duh!

Additionally, our crack-glucose diets leads to insulin resistance with basically cripples our body’s repair mechanisms.

Our crack-glucose and vegetable oil diet disrupts our digestion and we often develop acid reflux which is treated with proton pump inhibitors – which are the most prescribed drugs on the planet. These drugs stop our stomach from producing acid.

Fact: we have acid in our stomach to kill bacteria (as well as to digest protein). In fact, we are among the top in stomach acidity of any carnivore or scavenger. We are designed to eat food that is less than fresh.

Removing the acid with proton pump inhibitors is like dismantling the walls of a medieval castle before the battle.

What is the answer to regaining our resilience? Eat foods that we are designed to eat and not the modern garbage that is packaged as food. Use protein and fat from animal sources as your primary food source and only consume carbs sparingly – and vegetable oils only if you feel like dying.