So much BS so little time

Like many of you, I frequently get this sort of article in my news feeds. Hopefully by now, many of you can recognise it for what it is – the same old dogma that keeps people in line.

Just as you have to Marie Kondo your house to really keep it clean you have to jump on board a ‘movement’ if you want a seriously sculpted physique.


Have a read and see if you see what I see:

  • The food pyramid is not science – it is an inventive tool to trick you that nutrition hides under a pyramid. Its like a five-a-day mantra that sounds good but is something made up in a cereal manufacturer’s boardroom.
  • People who go low-carb may actually become religious about it – but I think it is because, for the first time in their lives, they have found something that they can stick to and works.
  • Ignoring the government guidelines on saturated fat is not risky when the guidelines are not based on any science. None. At best, all science has shown is that saturated fat is no worse than any other fat.
  • The body makes much of its own cholesterol and people with high cholesterol live longer. So ignore anything that tries to scare you about high cholesterol.
  • You cannot trust what “Dietetic” organisations say as they have been well and truly bought and owned by the food industry.
  • “Swap the saturated fat out of your diet for whole grains, high-quality protein, non-saturated fats or fresh fruit and vegetables”. Grains rich in sugars (glucose) and glyphosate are meant to be healthy? All grain-based societies throughout history have suffered from very poor health – right from the early Egyptians.

I used to live in a time when I believed that government advice and “scientific evidence” was the ultimate source of good advice. Yes, I was naive and ultimately I let myself and my family down by just following the guidelines without question. I would have been better off doing the exact opposite of what was being espoused.

It is easy to just follow the guidelines and what everyone else is saying is “true”. One of my personal mantras is “Doing what is easy and doing what is right are generally two different things. ” The right thing to do is often the hardest. To go on the right path towards health and nutrition for you and your family invites ridicule (like the featured article tries to do). It is definitively not yet mainstream to eliminate profit-making carbs and switch to real foods.

Hopefully you also saw some of what I saw in this trashy article. Why should you listen to someone that write articles like “WOMEN REVEAL WHAT REALLY MADE THEM CHEAT ON THEIR PARTNER” ? Say no more.