Genes linked to anorexia nervosa identified

A major international study involving numerous Australians identifies eight genes associated with an increased risk of developing eating disorder anorexia nervosa.


Is this a good thing?

Firstly, don’t get me wrong, I think that people suffering with eating disorders are really suffering and should be helped. That said …

There is a lot to be said in support of building your brain out of good materials and then maintaining and fuelling it correctly. This is by far the most effective means of preventing and correcting the underlying brain function that causes these disorders. Treat the cause – not the symptoms.

Finding genes that are present in sufferers is like finding fire-engines at a fire. There is nothing to say that these genes actually cause the conditions or that meddling with them will be beneficial. Nevertheless, we will now see pharmaceutical treatments emerging – which is the whole point to the exercise. Given how few drugs are actually effective and how little we actually know about how the brain and its chemistry works, you can expect these drugs to do more harm than good. Its all about making money rather than helping people.

The best cure is prevention and the the second best is to transition to a healthy metabolism that allows all organs (including the brain) to function correctly.

Build your brain out of good animal fats and proteins. If you try to build your brain out of artificial, factory-produced, plant-based oils and proteins, should you be surprised when things don’t work properly?

Ditch the processed junk and get back to a healthy animal fat and animal protein based diet if you care about physical and mental health. Pharmaceutical drugs won’t help, they will harm, and they will cost.

A healthy diet is free – which is why it is not investigated or promoted – companies cannot make money out of it.

Do your own research on the benefits of an animal-food based diet on mental health and see if you come to the same conclusion.