Queensland is doing ok, thanks

Today I received a response on behalf of the Queensland Health Minister to my letter regarding the health of Queenslanders. While the response was tepid and not supportive of the objective, at least they did read the information and look and the work in WA. I will reach out to the Federal Health Minister once the election dust settles.

Here is the letter I wrote to the minister.

Dear Minister Miles,

The purpose of this letter is draw your attention to our concerns about how existing government policies may be detrimental for many people and contributing to the plague of modern diseases that you have to deal with as Queensland Health Minister.

As a father,  I am concerned about how healthy my children and my grandchildren will be in years to come.  As a father of young children yourself, I am sure that you would sympathise. Given sufficient motivation and good advice, governments can make a large impact to the health of the population. I hope to convince you that we can do better.
Late last year, I provided a submission to the Western Australian parliamentary enquiry that was looking to address diabetes prevention and management.  I am sure that this issue is also on your mind.  Their report was recently tabled in parliament:  [link to pdf]
The title of their report is “THE FOOD FIX” – The role of diet in type 2 diabetes prevention and management.  My submission, among others, convinced the committee that there is a lot more that the government can do to fix our health, starting with fixing the diet.

For completeness, here is a link to my submission to that enquiry.

[link to pdf]

As a Queenslander, I am keen to see progress on this issue closer to home, hence my writing to you.  My personal view is that the Queensland government could review and maybe leverage that enquiry to help it make similar progress in the area of diabetes prevention and management.

I have recently authored an “open-letter to government” that focuses in on what could be seen as a fundamental flaw in how government takes advice on nutrition and health.  I have attached a copy of the paper to this letter.  I do hope that you can find a few minutes to peruse it.

Ultimately, the Federal Government should provide the lead in these matters as they develop national policy and advice.  However, Queensland must fund and run hospitals that are now overflowing with ever-increasing numbers of chronically ill Queenslanders.  In is definitely in our interest to see what we can do to steer Federal Government in a direction that benefits our health; or see what action we can take locally to mitigate the problems created at the federal level.
I do intend to reach out again to federal representatives after the elections have settled down and am hopeful that you, if you can see the sense in my arguments, that you can help to get some traction on this important social issue and also see what we, as Queenslanders, can do to help ourselves.

I thank you for your time. 
Kind regards,

Ron Bareis

PS: I do maintain a website that promotes a science-based nutrition message.  It is self-funded and takes no advertising.  It is purely about trying to do something positive.  The website is: https://ronsaysso.com

Attachment also available online at:  https://ronsaysso.com/2019/

And here is their response. Note that I scanned their PDF into word to remove personal information, so it may have some scanning and layout issues.