Red Meat = Cancer = Science?

Inuit family circa 1929

The InterWeb has seen lots of activity over a couple of high-profile dietary statements:

  1. The EAT-Lancet diet promoting plant based eating, and
  2. The 2015 World Health Organisation statement that links red meat consumption with an increased risk of cancer.

As I have been asked for my view on this, I will share a few thoughts.

If you subscribed to the guidance of these high-profile statements on diet and nutrition, you would turn away from meat and towards a plant based diet.  No-one could blame you as these are ‘experts’ and ‘scientists’ telling you the TRUTH.

What you wont see is that neither of these statements are based on what is healthy for you – rather they are the result of other agendas where health is secondary.

So, lets assume that we subscribe to the theory that red-meat causes cancer.  Then populations that eat a lot of meat MUST have a lot of cancer.

  • Before 1950, there were virtually no reported cases of cancer in Inuit populations, and they were generally regarded as immune to cancer.  They ate a diet largely comprising red-meat, and animal fats; with some fish and some berries seasonally.
  • Native American Indians – in a population of 63,000, only 2 cases of cancer were reported in 1914.

Two populations with much of their dietary intake coming from red meat consumption, yet almost no occurrence of cancer.  They should have been riddled by cancer, unless, of cause, they secretly discovered the cure for cancer and were hiding this fact.

After significant “westernisation” of their diets, both populations struggled with high obesity rates and correlated cancers.

If you followed popular advice, you would now visit these populations and take red-meat out of their diet to ease their burden of cancer.  How successful do you think that would be?

If you want to see these reports analysed further, here a few references:

Gary Taubes, Jason Fung and Nina Teicholz  (among others) present sensible, logical arguments about the underlying basis for modern diseases, including cancer.  We have many sources of information in our Resources pages so you can do your own research.

Do yourself a favour and don’t base decisions about your family’s health on bad science being pushed from hidden agendas.

A sample ‘hidden’ agenda is here: