Lose weight by not trying – free trial

We all know people that are overweight, sick and have just given up doing anything about it.  They have tried lots of diets and have eventually regained all the weight they worked so hard to lose and often even more.  No wonder they have given up.

What if these people have been given bad advice and were actually tackling the wrong problem?  Everyone tells them that they have a weight problem and they need to solve that problem by just losing weight.  However, what if excess weight is not the real problem and is just a symptom of something else?  What if you could address the root cause of weight gain rather than the excess weight itself?  You could then have a lasting solution.

I was listening to a talk by Dr Peter Attia a few days ago and it inspired me to reaffirm his message here.  Dr Attia, Just like Ivor Cummins (aka The Fat Emperor),  is intelligent enough to know that treating symptoms is a losing battle and that you must treat the root causes if you are to solve a problem.

If the real problem is elevated insulin levels and one of the outcomes of high insulin levels is weight gain, then how successful would you be if you just treated the weight gain without treating the high insulin levels?  Yes, you would fail time and again – and eventually give up.

Is it a new drug?  Where can I get it?  Is it expensive?


You treat elevated insulin levels by eating a diet that limits your insulin response to food.  Yes, no prize for guessing that this is a low-carbohydrate diet.  But as long as you control your insulin through a low-carb diet, you will not gain weight and most people will lose their excess weight over time.

Weight gain is only one symptom of elevated insulin levels, health decline is the other.  By lowering your insulin levels, as well as losing your weight, you will be regaining your health.  Win Win.

Ok, its not easy to track your insulin levels.  Its not as easy as stepping on a scale.  It does take a level of trust that a low-carb  diet does reduce insulin levels.  If you are already diabetic (or pre-diabetic), you can check your blood glucose levels to check for improvements.  In general though, blood glucose is not a very good indicator for how high your insulin levels are.

Just stick to a very low carb diet and you will see your weight begin to drop.  If it doesn’t then try eliminating more carbs from your diet.  Check out our how-to section for detailed advice.