Heard a good yolk lately


What could be better than fresh eggs from the family backyard?  Well, that’s a loaded question! 

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Recently we were given some eggs from some family/friends and they were dreadful.  The yolks were almost white and completely tasteless.  Needless to say that they did not end up on the plate after initial tasting.

It made me think back to an earlier post of mine and inspired me to write this article.

Food is more than just energy and fuel for the tank.  Its is what you use to repair and rebuild your body.  It is what you use to make your children out of.  Our dreadful eggs are an example of nature doing the best it can with the raw materials it has at its disposal.  It made an egg; it provided a white as food for the baby chick and a yolk to build its bones, feathers, muscles and organs.  It tried really hard.  But how healthy a chook would have sprung from that egg if it was even able to produce a live offspring?  At best it would have been a runt and short-lived.

I asked the provider what they had been feeding the chickens on – and cracked corn and some scraps was the answer.  An animal that naturally eats a high-protein diet of mostly bugs, grubs and seeds now being fed a high-carb, low protein diet – less than 5% protein.  Its no wonder the eggs were so disappointing!

The chicken had no choice, it had to eat what it was given.  You do have a choice, eat food that you would want to make your body from, and if you are planning on having children, then you owe it to them to eat good proteins and fats from which a healthy child can be built.

Eat a very low carb diet – it isn’t hard  – really it isn’t.