Add a pinch of common sense to each meal

There are a lot of diets that all seem to make a lot of sense once you look at all the promoting “evidence”.  Some people will even take to them with religious fervor and defend them with their lives.  Every diet has so much great sounding “science” that supports it, so it must be the true diet – but how can they all be right?  Ok, they can’t – you spotted the issue!

Forget religious attachment to the type of food you put in your mouth and try to consider food as part of a ecological equation where things need to make sense biologically, biochemically, genetically and historically.

  • If you have a diet that has you squeezing 50 coconuts (or 1000 olives) each day to extract an oil that is the mainstay of your energy needs then how does that make sense?
  • If you need to chase down 100 yaks, milk them against their will, dry the milk and separate out the whey powder just so that you are able to lift a few heavy rocks, how does that make sense?
  • How did early humans ever survive without keto-sticks to guide their eating?
  • Given that our anatomy does not have the digestive system to digest much in the way of natural, raw vegetation, how does it make sense to seek to promote this as a source of food?

Think about what “pre-agriculture” humans would have predominately eaten – given that they didn’t have the digestive organs to eat a lot of vegetation.  How did we develop such a large intelligent brain with huge energy demands without energy-dense foods that we could digest?

The result of straying too far from the food that your body needs is decreasing mental and physical performance, deteriorating health, chronic diseases and an early death.  So, getting the correct food is probably important.

Your physical body does not care about ethics, animal welfare, global warming, religion.  It is a biological machine that needs the correct fuel and building materials to perform and maintain correct operation.  Sure; make your ethical or religious food choices but just be aware of the price that you are paying if it doesn’t align with what your body needs.

Use that highly intelligent, critically thinking brain to put some sense into your food choices.

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